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Diamond Tree and Landscaping - Hedgerow Services

About Hedges

A hedge or hedgerow is a line of tightly packed shrubs and sometimes trees, planted and trained to form a barrier or to mark the boundary of an area, such as between neighbouring properties.
Hedges make an attractive, natural alternative to traditional brick walls and wooden fencing at an affordable price,
though each individual shrub needs to be taken care of.
If left to their own devices, hedges can grow to the point where they obstruct passers by and generally look unappealing.

That's were we step in.
Diamond Tree and Landscaping have been dealing with garden hedges for many years now.
Our friendly and experienced staff can plant, repair, trim and remove all sorts of hedges from your home garden no matter the circumstances.




Diamond Tree and Landscaping can remove and optionally replace shrubs and hedges surrounding your home garden.

Sometimes the amount of maintenance involved in keeping a nice hedge for your home can be impractical compared to the alternatives, or perhaps your require more space than what is currently available.

For both of these eventualities, we provide an efficient and clean service for domestic properties no matter the time or place.



Hedge growth is a fact of life. Eventually, your hedge is going to become too large to be safe for passers by and the surrounding property, meaning that cutting back is needed. Fortunately, Diamond Tree and Landscaping are here to help.

We can sculpt your hedge back into top condition using a mixture of both hand shearing and machine pruning, leaving your hedge looking the best it can be.

We clear up after ourselves so you don't have to.